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Growing up balloon animals were made to entertain, spread joy, and have fun. Always blowing up at events and being the life of the party, they eventually adapted to their surroundings. The balloon animals began to dress differently, vibe differently, and eventually all found different ways to be expressive. As time passed, they became a community every balloon animal could enjoy. One day, a group of Cyber-Bully Bots discovered the balloon animals. They noticed the balloon animals were free thinking, friendly, and full of life. This made the bots jealous, and so they captured and caged the balloon animals! They were no longer able to spread happiness. This forced the balloon animals to live in silence. Years later, a balloon bear rallied the other balloon bears with a plan to break out of the Cyber-Zoo. Determined on this journey, the balloon bears will break out the other balloon animals. Be apart of Balloon Town and help bring happiness and freedom back to the community. A community isn’t a community with out love, joy, creativity, and free will.


This project is made of 5000 unique balloon animals on the ETH Blockchain held in captivity by cyber-bully bots. The bots are on a mission to deflate the balloon animals personalities, made from over 250 unique traits. One day, the balloon bears got creative and devised a plan to free all the balloon animals. Help save your balloon animal and live out your uniqueness in Balloon Town!

Balloontown’s artwork will consist of a multitude of colors, clothes, accessories, rarities and ultra rarities. Your balloon animal will be sure to inflate your interest! Each balloon animal will be unique, and creatively customized. Your only question now is, how will you exhibit your uniqueness?
Meet our team

The Balloon Town team is DOXXED, we are not afraid or worried about anything but making a project the community can love. We are all resourced outside of Web 3 allowing us the ability to create on our own. This is a team we put together on Trust and Understanding. I guess you can say we are all air heads, creating and dreaming.



The High Indian

Chief Marketing Officer

The journey of Balloon Town in Web 3 will be an accumulation of artistic talent and community knowledge. We are building an NFT project that can be relevant to everyone, so we will need everyone on adventure to greatness. Are your balloons packed and ready to go? Please leave all sharp objects at home!


Blow up the community until it POPS via Discord, Twitter, and Instagram!

Active Now

Public Mint 1st Escaped Animal : TBA



10 exclusive NFTS airdropped 

2 NFT Holders will receive a VIP NFL Sunday Experience (From Anywhere)

500 whitelisted holders will get early access for 2nd balloon animal




10 burnable tokens; once burned 2ft sculptures will be shipped. 

1 Hand painted canvas of Balloon Town



25 Ultra rare NFT drops of the bear

2 Holders will get weekend travel/stay trip to Miami.
**includes: Lamborghini day rental

VIP night life experience



Community vote on 2nd released balloon animal

500 helium tank drops to mint 2nd balloon animals

Ballon Town Merch Reveal 

2 burnable tokens; once burned 4ft sculptures will be shipped



2nd balloon animal break out

Balloon Town Merch

Balloon Town NFT Holders Airdrop


10% of mint will be donated to animal shelters selected by the community!


The story generated from Ian Griffith’s Art, and Eric Ebron’s creative thinking, creating what is now Balloon Town NFT. This NFT came about when two friends, who have been friends for over 8 years, decided to do something that everyone could relate to. We wanted to highlight creative art with the culture of now. Fast forward, with a lot of hard work, focus, and community understanding, we have finally created a project worth sharing. Balloon Town NFT.

Balloon Town NFT is a group of self made, resourced, and respected IRL people. We came together to bring everyone something they can relate to, enjoy, and understand. We didn’t mention art. This project will highlight the artistic talents of Ian Griffith, while also outpouring the resources they have as a team to back the art. We want to bring fun, excitement, and cultural understanding to Web3. Balloon Town will be the place everyone wants to be.

You got this far, now you want to join? That is easy, and of course we would love to have you! Pop on over to Discord and join the community we call family. Please leave all sharp objects at home, we are already popping without them.

The story starts with Balloon Bandit becoming the leader in the ultimate Cyber Zoo escape. His plan is to not only free the balloon bears, but to free all balloon animals. This will allow us to entertain our community, and bring suspense and excitement to the project. This format will also allow the community to play a huge role in what we are developing. We will need your help with your intel on the outside, helping break free the animals captured on the inside. Are You Ready?

An NFT stands for Non Fungible Token. It is a unique 1/1 digital asset that may belong to a whole collection.
By purchasing a part of a collection you are essentially investing into a company and in some cases these projects or companies provide a range of different utilities. You receive access to their community, giveaways, and much more! It can be in the form of art, music, a profile picture, a piece of land in the metaverse, a gaming character or much more.

Ethereum, the second largest cryptocurrency next to bitcoin is at the forefront of showing the utility behind blockchain technology through smart contracts. Using this technology, developers rose up the the challenge and created the first non fungible tokens (NFTS) and decentralized finance apps that would go main stream and incorporate mass adoption in the web3 space. This built a backbone for building the strongest communities in the world through the means of technology. We believe it will always be at the forefront of strong web3 communities that translate to the real world.

NFT’s and crypto are held on  centralized exchanges such as Coinbase, Binance, and many others. To truly own your digital assets it needs to be on a decentralized wallet.
A wallet can either be downloaded on your phone or PC. These are considered hot wallets because they are always online. To fully secure your digital assets you can use a hardware device such as Leger or Trezor. These devices are wallets that can be disconnected from computer or phone and require additional steps to approve transactions. The web3 space is filled with many scams and phishing links that attempt to compromise your wallet, or steal the seed phrase used to create your wallet. It is important to secure digital assets and take the proper precautions to prevent theft of your digital property.